Hi Wild Woman,

I'm Elizabeth MacLeod, founder of Wild Woman Enchanted, author and illustrator of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards - An enchanting journey to your true self, and creator of the Wild Woman products you seen here and available for purchase, along with the Wild Woman Healing System (that I call the 12 Wild Woman Freedoms). With much love and wild abandon, the Wild Woman Malas, Mala Earrings, and Empowered Fusion Organic Essential Oils are creatively handmade here on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Who am I?

I am a bit difficult to define as the minute I say I'm one thing, something else comes up and then I'm that.

But really I am a spirited soul, deep into the meaning of life and what it means to be a human being on the planet. I'm ecstatic about synchronicities, magic, surprises and love.

I am amazing at connecting, writing, and seeing beyond what's there and seeing into your heart's soul

When you use my Wild Woman products and come to retreats, you can expect to feel loved, seen and heard, and be returned back to your true self and that which lights you up and reminds you who you are.

And you'll probably be surprised & delighted by my honesty and realness and how I can be lighthearted and deep at the same time . . . oh, and that I read Superman comic books under the stairs at my aunt's growing up as a kid. I think that influenced my art.

My work matters because it reconnects women to the heart of who they are and brings them back to their power, beauty, glory, grace and wildness. Connecting, I believe will heal the world.

And I am here to remind you that you are beautiful and raw and wild and that you matter. You are a good person and are worth every minute of your time. Your dreams matter. Your heart matters. Your soul matters and your spirit is here because need you to show up and do that which calls you now. it's important for the healing of you, your family and the planet.

My question for you is if you had a magic want tap you on the head and could grant you deepest wish, who would you want to be?

To sum it up I am
wild to the core, a really good hugger, attentive to your time here on the planet and dedicated to you and your truest desires.

My professional lineage:

m the founder of Wild Woman Enchanted co Int'l inc and an Erickson Certified Professional Coach, trained Gestalt Psychotherapist, Level ll Reiki Practitioner, a teacher (UBC), a Writer and self taught Artist. I have done extensive study in Shamanism, Mediation, Body Gnosis, Chi Kung and the Healing Path with the Ontogony (self realization) Institute of Mexico.

Thank you for visiting my little portal in cyber space. It is a privilege to have you here and a true honor.

My wish is that my on-line store will be an inspiring and healing journey for you, helping you re-member who you are and that you feel better than when you arrived and find some special wild things here in the Wild Woman Enchanted on-line store that makes you happy.

Stay wild,

~Elizabeth xo