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Move deeper into YOU . . .

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"I love that you've paired essential oils with the Mystery Cards - genius! It just makes it even more special! And, incorporating colors and the chakras . . . you've thought of everything! These are going to bring more sacredness into the lives of so many women!"
~Wild Woman Maria, Grand Forks, CO

"I am so excited to try all the oils. Wow, they smell great and I only have tried 3!"
~Wild Woman Kerri, Van, BC

"Wild Woman Enchanted, I have discovered, is much more than a company. Elizabeth MacLeod, has envisioned every aspect of it's products, it's presence, and quality . . . and Empowered Fusion (and chakra-coded) aromatherapy scents are pure and delightful."
~Wild Woman Deanne, Sechelt. BC

" . . . Elizabeth treasures the heart and soul of every Succulent Wild Woman."
~SARK, best-selling author & artist